Does Your Organization Know What “Safety” Means?

I was recently helping an organization perform a debrief with some young seasonal workers who were returning to school, to see how we could improve the safety program for the next group in the following year. When asked what they thought “safety” meant, they struggled. Some thought it was about the personal protective equipment they …

Build the “Best Talent” for Your Team With a Simplified Training and Competency Program

It is true that successful organizations need visionaries and exceptionally skilled people to be creative and carry out their vision. It is also true that organizations need
everyday individuals to carry out many of the routine tasks that are necessary to run a business.

Compliance Versus Commitment

We’ve worked with many organizations who initially implemented safety programs where they were focused on what they needed to do to pass an audit, live up to client expectations or meet regulatory requirements. As a result, employees also became focused on how they could comply with the requirements the easiest way possible so they could …